The spirit of Texas pervades H-E-B. Since its founding in 1905, H-E-B has grown from a store to so much more.

We are grateful for the spirit of Texas that seems to pervade every H-E-B store. It starts with the employees, these quiet heroes . . . they are cheerful, dedicated employees of H-E-B. During the coronavirus pandemic, an employee greets every customer with a smile and a hand/shopping cart sanitizer, throughout the store many employees help customers find special ingredients and offer a helping hand, during the checkout process, an employee quickly scans and bags groceries . . . the entire process is swift and efficient. Even more, it is a positive, good-for-the-soul experience. With the current quarantine restrictions, grocery shopping is often the only time for us to see other people – while minding our social distancing etiquette.

In addition to the great customer service, H-E-B’s shelves are filled with top quality products at affordable prices. The produce, meat, seafood, wine, bakery, and deli departments are loaded with special, high-quality, and tasty ingredients. There is something at H-E-B for every one!

In January, while most of us(I can speak for myself here) were in denial, H-E-B was busy making plans in order to serve their customers. Thanks again.

It’s a good feeling, knowing how the spirit of Texas pervades H-E-B.

The spirit of Texas at H-E-B serves communities:

Paula Lambert, founder and owner of the Mozzarella Company sells her delicious line of cheese to H-E-B. She is the lady on the left side of the photo. Valerie Jarvie, the very talented freelance writer of food, lifestyle, real estate and travel is the lady on the right side of the photo. I admire both of these lady’s beautiful spirits and their profound use of talents.

The spirit of Texas pervades H-E-B!