Staying passionate about what I do is JT Osgood Hayler’s business motto. Her passion is contagious and resonates throughout The Songbird Society. When this coronavirus quarantine is behind us, step inside The Songbird Society and see for yourself!

At my recent appointment at The Songbird Society, I asked JT a couple of questions. Here is what I learned . . .

How do you stay passionate about your work?

JT said, “It takes practice.”

  • Practicing meditation
  • Listening to Eckhart Tolle.
  • Studying spiritual leaders.
  • Challenging myself to go deeper.
  • Being aware – reacting more positively.
  • Working out with a personal trainer

The Songbird Society’s atmosphere is calm and peaceful. How do you create this unique culture?

  • “Having empathy for people is a top priority.”
  • I do a lot of watching. I search for and hire people that share the things that are important to me.
  • Culture takes time. It’s a patina that doesn’t come overnight.
  • I value a salon with a tight knit community of a caring and passionate staff.

How do you handle the challenges of operating a salon?

  • I am watching and asking questions. If I see a problem, I don’t sweep it under the rug. I tend to talk about it. I have to be patient in order to nurture The Songbird Society’s culture.

Where does your inner strength come from?

  • Growing up in Louisiana.
  • I pray and pray.
  • I like to grow and evolve.
  • I really look at myself, when things happen? I ask, “What can I do?”

From The Songbird Society’s website, I learned how they continue to serve their clients while the salon is closed:

  • Favorite products and e-gift cards are available.
  • Touch up kits for your color are available.

The Songbird Society plans to re-open on Friday, May 1st 2020. We are looking forward to being together at The Songbird Society soon!