A red door means “welcome” in an old early American tradition. Weary travelers by horse and buggy would know that a home with a red front door was a welcoming place to rest. A red candy door on a gingerbread house carries on this friendly tradition!

Red candy doors are another fun confection to custom make for gingerbread houses. They are easy to make!

*Make ahead – the red royal icing needs plenty of time for drying(a day before and up to a couple of weeks before the gingerbread house decorating.)

Ingredients:Hershey's ®

Special Equipment and Supplies:

Directions for Red Candy Doors:

  1. Make 1 recipe of Royal icing. Combine the ingredients for a couple of minutes. The consistency should be a pourable consistency, similar to a thick syrup. Tint it with Super Red food coloring. Pour into a wide-rimmed bowl.Red bowl of Royal icing
  2. Carefully break Hershey® candy bars into four pieces.Break candy bars into four pieces.
  3. With a dough cutter, carefully trim about 3/4″ off each end of the candy bar pieces.Trim candy bar with a pastry cutter.
  4. Dip candy bar pieces in the icing. Place on wire racks set over wax paper to catch the drips.Dip candy bar into royal icing.
  5. Carefully place the candy wreaths on the doors.Place candy wreath on red door.
  6. Set aside to dry overnight. When the doors are dry, gently lift away from the wire rack with a metal spatula.Gently loosen red door with a metal spatula.