It is patio season! Cooler weather is on the way. We are enjoying football games on TV. I am cooking more comfort foods and we are dining on our patio. So . . . now is the perfect time for a patio makeover! 

Five tips for a patio makeover on a limited budget:

  1. Select a fall color theme.
  2. Cut and sew patio custom furniture cushions with covers made of repurposed vintage textiles. 
  3. Shop at a local upholstery store for additional fabrics for pillows. In Dallas, family-owned, Childress Fabrics has a grand selection of fabrics.
  4. Shop your house for table scape items; ie. lanterns, candlesticks, vases, baskets, table runners, etc.
  5. With the money saved, splurge on pumpkins, dried flowers and candles to decorate the table.

Five reasons the patio project is worth your time:

  1. It’s sustainable.
  2. It’s a clever way to repurpose used drapes when you are done with them.
  3. Engaging in a creative project is meaningful.
  4. Your patio will be original and beautiful.
  5. It is a great money saver!

Happy with my patio makeover! The fabric’s texture, design and fall colors are well-suited for patio cushion covers. Don’t worry if you don’t have any drapes for a patio project, resale shops and estate sales are a great source.Repurposing drapes

It is patio season . . . Enjoy!