Everyone is ready for some holiday cheer! How to build a gingerbread house with a store-bought gingerbread house kit.

*Kits are available at most craft stores and grocery stores.

How To Build A Gingerbread House – Most Important Tip!

  • For a sturdy gingerbread house discard the icing in the kit and make the Royal Icing.

Seven Steps For Building:

  1. Make one recipe of Royal Icing. Be sure to beat the Royal Icing until it is very thick. This assures the gingerbread house will be sturdy. Trim 1/2″ off the end of a Wilton® disposable pastry bag. Fill it half way with Royal icing. Set aside.Gingerbread house - royal icing
  2. Arrange the gingerbread house pieces on a 14″ round cake board.Gingerbread house pieces
  3. Pipe the Royal icing onto the cake board(the dimensions of the gingerbread house).  Pipe the Royal icing onto the edges of the front and back pieces of the gingerbread house.Arrange the pieces
  4. Stand the gingerbread house’s back piece and one side piece.back & side pieces
  5. Stand the gingerbread house’s front piece and the other side piece. Set aside to dry for a couple of hours or overnight.add front and other side
  6. Add one gingerbread house roof piece.Add half of roof
  7. Add the other gingerbread house roof piece. Set aside to dry overnight. add other half of roofYour gingerbread house is ready to decorate. Happy decorating!