French Onion Soup is served at restaurants throughout the world. Onions, beef stock, bread and Swiss-style cheese are the simple ingredients. Therefore, quality ingredients are key to a making delicious, classic French Onion Soup.

I discovered Stocks and Bondy’s beef stock at St Michael’s farmers market. The rich, deep flavor brings out the taste of the caramelized onions. Pure and simple!

Julia Child’s recipe in Mastering the Art of French Cooking is fairly straight forward and easy to follow.

Testing equipment:

I tested the caramelization of the onions in a cast-iron skillet verses a heavy-bottomed stainless steel skillet. The cast-iron skillet proved to caramelize the onions more quickly.

I tested a Mandoline verses a chef’s knife for slicing the onions. The Mandoline was faster and the onion slices were a uniform size. A word of caution. . . When operating a Mandoline, use the hand/finger guard and be careful!

Final word:

With fall approaching, now is the time to brush up on our favorite soup recipes. Classic French Onion Soup is sure to please our friends and family. Enjoy!