Drapes are beautiful inside and out.

During our uncertain times, families are focused on building spaces that bring comfort and improve everyday quality of life. Before the coronavirus pandemic, everyone wanted patio spaces that would work for entertaining. Our needs have changed. Work spaces and living spaces are our top priorities. 

Now is the moment to take stock of our outdoor patios and porches. What items need to be replaced? Most likely, it is our furniture cushions.

Here’s a crazy idea . . . cover them with drapery textiles. You know, the living room drapes that you are thinking about replacing anyway. Combine these two ideas into one. Find a local seamstress or sew them, either way, before you now it, beautiful new cushions will emerge and the warm textiles will embellish your patio. Now, add a some throw pillows, blankets, lighting, and outdoor heaters. You will be ready for daily living as well as Covid-19 style outdoor entertaining!

#RepurposedTextiles for the lounge

Established in 1958, family-owned, Childress Fabrics for the pillow fabrics!

Before . . . Sustainable living

After . . . Draperies Are Beautiful Inside And Out

  • Close up photo of the patio lounges with new cushion covers and pillowsUpcycle drapesDrapes are beautiful inside and out!