After researching and decorating gingerbread houses for 25 years, I have compiled a list of the most common and popular candies which can be used to decorate gingerbread houses.

Common And Popular Candies:

  • Peppermints, a classic Christmas candy, are popular candies for gingerbread houses.Common And Popular Candies
  • Twizzlers® Twist are perfect borders for roofs, cobblestone paths and anything that needs an outline.Twizzlers® Twist
  • Gumdrops add so much color.Gum Drops
  • Spearmint Leaves make great bushes.Spearmint Leaves
  • Frosted Mini Wheats are perfect for snowy roof tops!Frosted Mini Wheats®
  • Fruit Loops are great for roof top decorations too.Kellogg's® Fruit Loops®
  • Haribo® Sour Streamers look great on roof tops! Haribo® Sour Streamers
  • Necco® Candy Wafers, an American candy classic since 1847, are perfect roof toppers and cobblestone paths.Necco® Candy Wafers
  • Nerds® Candy is perfect for cobblestone paths too.Nerds® Candy
  • JUJUBES® make colorful cobblestone paths too.JUJUBES®
  • Tootsie® Rolls are good for logs.Tootsie® Rolls
  • Snyder’s of Hanover, America’s Pretzel Bakery since 1909, Mini Pretzels turned upside down make charming fences.Snyder's of Hanover® Mini Pretzels
  • Haribo® Frogs are cute floating on the lollipop ponds! If you live in Dallas, Texas, Kuby’s carries Haribo® Gummi Frogs!Haribo® Frogs
  • Chocolate Santas, big and small, are a great addition to gingerbread houses.Chocolate Santas
  • Lindt® Chocolate Snowmen are loved by all.Common And Popular Candies
  • Mini Gingerbread Girls add a festive touch! They are available at Cake Carousel.Mini Gingerbread Girls
  • Save the best for last . . . Edible Glitter, available at Cake Carousel in Richardson, Texas, sprinkled on top of gingerbread houses gives a sparkle! Cake Carousel also carries the mini candy wreaths and gingerbread girls. You might give them a call to check availability before heading to their store.Edible Glitter
  • Happy Decorating!!!