Taco y Vino

Taco y Vino

Come on in . . .

Welcome to Taco y Vino, home of the best tacos in Dallas. Proven by the fact, they received the ‘Best New Restaurant’ award by Culture Map of Dallas!

Taco Y VinoJimmy renovated a craftsman home and transformed it into a restaurant. Located in the the Bishop Arts Historical District, the Dallas Historical Society wanted the home to be preserved. In addition to preserving the historical standards of the craftsman home, Jimmy selected Sherwin William’s habanero red paint for the signature windows, designed and built picnic tables, added a turntable and a stack of his favorite vinyls . . . everything came together resulting in a charming restaurant!

Growing up in south Texas, Jimmy learned to cook at an early age. Fast forward a few years, volunteering at Chefs For Farmers, Jimmy met Chef Sharon Von Meter and a steadfast friendship was made. Three years ago, Jimmy with his professional wine expertise and Chef Sharon Von Meter, a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, France created Taco y Vino.The rest, as they say, is history!

With the same meticulous attention to detail in restoring the Bishops Arts District’s home, Jimmy pairs wines with delicious tacos. Choose from eight proteins, mix and match however you like.

Taco y Vino is the place to take your out-of-town friends. It is memorable and they’ll come back!

Meet Jimmy Contretras, founder of Taco Y Vino . . .




A Celebration, 100 Years in the Making

A Celebration, 100 Years in the Making

History was made in Austin, Texas 100 years ago. It happened again this month.

Austin – To honor their ancestors, a Daughters of the Republic of Texas – Reuben Hornsby Chapter was formed in April, 1919. For 100 years, members of the chapter held monthly meetings and preserved the history of the Hornsby family. Stories were shared and photos were documented for archives.

The Daughters of the Republic of Texas – Reuben Hornsby Chapter celebrated the 100th anniversary with a family reunion. Over 60 family members traveled from around the country to celebrate!Reuben Hornsby 100th anniversary - family reunionReuben Hornsby, a soldier, surveyor, and one of Stephen F. Austin earliest colonist and his wife, Sarah Morrison Hornsby and their six children boarded the steamer “Pocahontas” at Vicksburg, Mississippi on January 2, 1830. They landed at the head Brazos river in Texas on Feb 5, 1830. At that time this area was part of Mexico. Little did Reuben and Sarah know it at the time, their courage to move to this unsettled territory in the Wild West would be the beginning of Reuben volunteering in the Army of Texas and sons, William, Malcolm, Josephus, and Daniel serving as Texas Rangers and Scouts during 1835 and 1836. In the spring of 1836, William was 19, Malcolm was 17, Josephus was 14, and Daniel was 12.

April 21,1836, Reuben, William, and Malcolm went on to volunteer at the Battle of San Jacinto, the decisive battle of the Texas Revolution. Following the victory, they returned home and celebrated Malcolm’s 18th birthday on April 27th, 1836.

The Hornsby Bend is prominently displayed on maps of Austin, Texas. Its location is a horseshoe in the Colorado river. According to some accounts, the Hornsby community may be the oldest settlement in Travis County.

Hornsby home, according to J. W. Wilbarger said, “was always noted for hospitality.” Indeed, Sarah was known for welcoming pioneers in her home and feeding weary travelers.

For the Reuben Hornsby chapter’s 100th anniversary – family reunion, cousins brought their favorite dishes for lunch, celebrating Sarah’s Morrison Hornsby’s legacy, her gracious hospitality. Smiles, laughter, and a few tears were shared as stories of living on Hornsby Bend were told. New Reuben Hornsby Chapter Officers for 2019 – 2021 were sworn into office.

The following beautiful spring Sunday afternoon, a tour of the historic Hornsby Cemetery was enjoyed by all. Many Texas Rangers were buried here along with Rogers Hornsby. Historic Texas Cemetery, Hornsby CemeteryI wonder how history will be made in 3019 – 100 years from now?

No doubt the Hornsby’s legacy will be preserved and passed down to future generations. Thats’s the spirit of Texas!

To Be An Artist . . .

To Be An Artist . . .

. . . is to believe in life.” – Henry Moore

If you have attended David Dike’s Fine Art Auctions you know they are so much fun. If you are new to collecting art, no worries. David and his team will make you feel right at home! The fine art ranges from appraisal values of $100 lithographs all the way up tp $300,000 Selinas paintings. There is something for everyone!

The auction will be held at Wildman Art Framing, 1715 Market Center Blvd., Saturday, April 6. The bidding begins at noon. Doors open at 10:00am for a preview. For a sneak peak, join David today or this evening for a cocktail reception from 5:00pm to 8:00pm.

While you are admiring the art, taste the tacos and enjoy the open bar. Kick off your boots and stay a while. Promise you will be entertained!

David is nationally recognized for his expertise in Texas art. Following graduation from TCU, he opened his gallery in 1986. Since 1996, David has hosted annual fine art auctions.

Create a beautiful home with David Dike Fine Art!



The New Ranch Dressing

The New Ranch Dressing

Papou's Comeback SauceThe new Ranch dressing is Papou’s Comeback Sauce!

-Originated at the legendary Mayflowers Cafe.

Founded in 1935 by Michael Kountouris, his uncle, and cousins. Michael is Callie McDole’s late father.

Michael grew up with his family on the Greek island of Patmos.

Legendary island known as the home of Saint John who wrote the Book of Revelation.

In search of a better life . . . Michael came to America to join his father in Houston, Texas when he was 16 years old.

Sadly, just two years later his father passed away. Alone in a new country at the age of 18, Michael moved to Jackson, Mississippi to be with his uncle and cousins.

They opened three restaurants. One of which was the . . .

Mayflower Cafe featured in The Help and Ghosts of Mississippi, is the oldest operating restaurant in Jackson, Mississippi.

Popular with celebrities such as Eudora Welty, Hal Holbrook, and John Grisham.

Back in 1935, Michael started making and serving his Comeback sauce at the Mayflower Cafe. Everyone loved it!

Flash forward 70 years . . .

It’s 2005 and Callie begins the process of manufacturing her father’s original Comeback Sauce recipe.

So by now, you are probably wondering how Papou’s Comeback Sauce taste?!!

The answer is somewhere between a Remoulade Sauce and a Louie Sauce, as in Crab Louie.

And what could you serve it with?!!

The answer is Greek Salad, Crab Cakes, Fish Tacos, Roast Chicken, French Fries, crackers . . .  just about everything!

From 7-gallon batches all the way to 200-gallon batches . . .

And thirteen years of:


-raising her daughter, Natalie

-living happily after with the love of her life, Keith

-and caring for her mom with health complications because her car was hit by a drunk driver in 1970

Callie’s passion for keeping her father’s memory alive has delivered big results!

Papou’s Comeback Sauce is served on Fish Tacos at the Flying Fish and sold in the refrigerated section of Central Market,

because it is made with natural preservatives – that’s a fact!

Just like her dad and mom, Callie has a heart of gold and a love of their Greek heritage.

The essence of which is captured in every bottle of Papou’s Comeback Sauce!

Callie quotes her dad, Michael with his Greek accent, “People will keep coming back for more Papou’s Comeback Sauce.”

Try some Papou’s Comeback Sauce today!

I am sending Callie’s Greek Salad recipe and my Crab Cake recipe in My Texas Kitchen’s March monthly newsletter. These recipes are exclusive to the newsletter. I would love to share these recipes with you! If you would like these recipes please send your email address to Susan@MyTexasKitchen.com.


American Fashion by Sara Campbell

American Fashion by Sara Campbell

Sara Campbell’s American-made fashion business is thriving and her customers are enjoying every minute of it! For 35 years, Sara has been designing and manufacturing apparel in the USA. Her designs are sold in twenty-four company-owned boutiques.

This month her 24th boutique opens in Sarasota, Florida!

Sara Campbell is defying the odds!

How’s that you ask?

Two important ways:

1. Her apparel is Made in the USA. Way to go Sara! (Industry experts say America’s labor costs are too high to compete in the global fashion industry).

2. Sara’s brick and mortar stores are booming! Turns out that the best way for purchasing clothes is trying them on for fit. (Fact: 40% of apparel purchased online is returned).

Top 7 reasons to buy Sara Campbell’s designs:

Because Sara Campbell’s fit is flattering!

Because Sara Campbell imported European fabrics are beautiful.

Because Sara Campbell designs are American-made. Therefore, her employees’ work environment is safe and they are paid excellent wages.

Because Sara Campbell designs are exclusive. Sara limits the number of items produced in each design.

Because Sara Campbell boutiques offer a unique shopping experience . . . great atmosphere and lots of help finding just the right dress or outfit!

Because Sara Campbell designs are affordable! Sara is mindful of her customers’ clothing budget and keeps her prices competitive with the high-end designer market.

-Because every time you slip into a Sara Campbell design, you will feel like a million dollars!

No worries if you are unable to drop into a Sara Campbell boutique, just call one of her store managers and they will ship whatever you need.  How’s that for customer service?!!

Join us for a behind-the-scenes tour and visit with the designer and founder of Sara Campbell!

Cookbook Club

Cookbook Club

Today, I am sharing something that brings joy to my life . . . my cookbook club!

It all started six years ago when I read an article in The Dallas Morning News by Valerie Jarvie, my favorite food and lifestyle writer. She wrote about the history of a Dallas cookbook club. Valerie’s article was so inspiring. Within weeks, a friend and I started a cookbook club of our very own!

If you are interested in starting a cookbook club, here are a few ideas to get started:
1.  Call some friends and invite them to join your cookbook club.
2.  Select a cookbook.
3.  Select the best day of the week for everyone. Wednesday seems to be a good day.
4.  Create a calendar. Everyone signs up for a date to host the cookbook club.
5.  Create a schedule with your friends and the type of dish they will prepare.
ie. entree, appetizer, beverage, soup/salad, vegetable, and dessert.
The categories rotate each month.
The hostess selects and prepares the entree.
6.  A few weeks before the cookbook club, the hostess sends an email with the entree she plans
to serve and her friends select a dish to compliment the entree.
7.  The day of the cookbook club, guests arrive with their prepared dishes.
A few last minute, dish finishes are sometimes necessary.
Call ahead if you need the oven to be preheated.
8.  Guests arrive and the buffet line is arranged.
Beverages are served and the fun begins!
9.  Serve plates and enjoy the meal.
Critique the recipes and make notes in your cookbooks.
10. Simple, fun and full of fellowship!

*The one cookbook club rule. Follow the recipe without improvising. This critiques the recipe,
not the cook’s talents!

A few of our favorite cookbooks:
The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook by Deb Perelman
Naples and the Amalfi Coast by The Silver Spoon
The Home Cook by Alex Guarnaschelli
Make It Ahead by Ina Garten

Please join me as I setup for my cookbook club!