Every gingerbread house needs a candy mailbox!

Six Steps To Make Candy Mailboxes For Gingerbread Houses:

  1. Make one batch of Royal Icing.Royal Icing
  2. Trim the end of a 12″ disposable pastry bag.  Add a Wilton® #5 pastry tip. Fill halfway with Royal icing. *Optional: Tie a rubber band around the end of the pastry bag.Trim the end of a disposable pastry bag.
  3. With a dough cutter or sharp knife, cut a large, 2.25 oz Tootsie Roll® into thirds or use the smaller, thick Tootsie Rolls® for the mailbox tops.Tootsie Roll®
  4. Cut Trident® cinnamon gum into “mailbox flag” shapes. Or Satin Ice® red fondant into “mailbox flag” shapes. Attach the red flags to the mailboxes with a small dot of Royal icing(not show in photo). Set aside to dry for an hour or more.Candy red flags
  5. Apply a dot of royal Icing onto a Peppermint Starlight® mint candy. Place another peppermint on it. Repeat until four peppermints are stacked. *It’s a good idea to stack two peppermints at a time; set aside to dry. Once the icing is dry, stack the four peppermints together. Otherwise, the peppermints will slide as they are drying, creating a leaning mailbox!
  6. Final step, place the top of the mailbox on top of the stacked peppermints. Set aside to dry overnight.Candy Mailboxes For Gingerbread Houses

Candy mailboxes for gingerbread houses are a creative, unique confection for you gingerbread houses!