Sara Campbell’s American-made fashion business is thriving and her customers are enjoying every minute of it! For 35 years, Sara has been designing and manufacturing apparel in the USA. Her designs are sold in twenty-four company-owned boutiques.

This month her 24th boutique opens in Sarasota, Florida!

Sara Campbell is defying the odds!

How’s that you ask?

Two important ways:

1. Her apparel is Made in the USA. Way to go Sara! (Industry experts say America’s labor costs are too high to compete in the global fashion industry).

2. Sara’s brick and mortar stores are booming! Turns out that the best way for purchasing clothes is trying them on for fit. (Fact: 40% of apparel purchased online is returned).

Top 7 reasons to buy Sara Campbell’s designs:

Because Sara Campbell’s fit is flattering!

Because Sara Campbell imported European fabrics are beautiful.

Because Sara Campbell designs are American-made. Therefore, her employees’ work environment is safe and they are paid excellent wages.

Because Sara Campbell designs are exclusive. Sara limits the number of items produced in each design.

Because Sara Campbell boutiques offer a unique shopping experience . . . great atmosphere and lots of help finding just the right dress or outfit!

Because Sara Campbell designs are affordable! Sara is mindful of her customers’ clothing budget and keeps her prices competitive with the high-end designer market.

-Because every time you slip into a Sara Campbell design, you will feel like a million dollars!

No worries if you are unable to drop into a Sara Campbell boutique, just call one of her store managers and they will ship whatever you need.  How’s that for customer service?!!

Join us for a behind-the-scenes tour and visit with the designer and founder of Sara Campbell!